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Medical Assistant

With the field of medical assisting expecting a 35% growth in employment, job opportunities for those with certification should be excellent in the coming years. As the demand for preventative health continues to grow, doctors and other health practitioners are expected to grow their practices and will need medical assistants to assist them in caring for their patients.

What you would do: As technology changes, many medical assistants find themselves specializing in administrative/clerical medical assisting or clinical medical assisting. Depending on the size of the practice, you could do either or a little bit of both. Medical assistants are often in charge of communicating with the patients to gather such background information for the doctor as the patient’s medical history and vital statistics. They may also explain treatment procedures to the patient or authorize drug refills. They often schedule appointments, ensure accuracy of medical records, fill out insurance forms and code treatments, and answer phones.

Where you would work: 60% of medical assistants work in physicians’ offices, although many also work in hospitals and outpatient care centers.

What you could earn: The median pay for medical assistants in Nebraska is $14.02/hour or $29,170 annually.  Pay is usually commensurate with experience and full benefits are usually given for fulltime employees.

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Want more information? Visit the Department of Labor for more information on job growth, payment, duties, and important skills and abilities.


All statistics gathered from the Department of Labor.

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