Medical Laboratory Technician

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Medical Laboratory Technician

Do you want to be part of a healthcare team, but would rather focus on behind-the-scenes work? Do you enjoy learning and using new technologies and being on the cutting edge? Do you enjoy detail-oriented work?  Becoming a medical laboratory technician may be the perfect career for you, and it is another profession that's growing nationwide!

What you would do: Medical lab technologists perform tests that are requested by other healthcare professionals. They analyze body fluids and tissue samples, identify cell morphology and blood type, use sophisticated lab equipment as well as sophisticated computer programs, and log data into medical records with the utmost attention to detail.

Where you would work: Most lab technicians work in hospitals, but some also work in research laboratories, at colleges and universities, or in physicians’ offices.

What you could earn: The median pay for medical laboratory technicians in Nebraska is $17.29/hour or $26,400 annually.  Pay is usually commensurate with experience and full benefits are usually given.

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All statistics gathered from the Department of Labor.

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