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Medication Aide

Medication Aides and nursing assistants form the backbone of the healthcare community. They are sometimes referred to as nursing assistants, orderlies, or nursing aides. Regardless of the title, providing excellent patient care is their number one goal. Local service providers are always in need of more nursing assistants and medications aides.

What you would do: Nursing assistants help patients with the activities of daily living. They help clean and dress patients, transfer them to and from their bed and wheel chair, record and measure vital signs, serve meals, and help the patient eat if they need assistance. Medication aides do many of these same tasks but can also distribute and dispense medications.

Where you would work: Most medication aides work in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. They also work in hospitals and medical clinics, and provide in-home care services.

What Would You Make: The median pay for medication aides in Nebraska is $11.41/hour or $23,730 annually.  Pay is commensurate with experience and full benefits are given for fulltime employees. Medication aides often make more money due to their additional certification.

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All statistics gathered from the Department of Labor.

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