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Pharmacy Technician

Passage of LB37 by the Nebraska Unicameral became effective August 30, 2015, requiring all individuals hired as a pharmacy technician to be included in the state’s Pharmacy Technician Registry. In addition, after January 1, 2017, all pharmacy technicians will need to be certified by a state or national board in order to be employed. This new law has created a huge demand for trained and licensed pharmacy technicians all across the state of Nebraska. SEC is currently the only college in the Project HELP network to offer this degree, and Central Community College will soon be offering it, too. Contact one of our success coaches to learn how you can begin on this adventure as soon as possible.

What you would do: Pharmacy technicians work under the direct supervision of the pharmacist. They collect information needed to fill a prescription from customers or health professionals, measure medications, package and label prescriptions, manage the inventory of the pharmacy, accept payment and process insurance claims, answer phones, and often act as an intermediary between the customer/patient and the pharmacist.

Where you would work: Pharmacy technicians usually work in hospitals or in pharmacies. However, as the population ages, residential long-term care facilities are expected to start implementing their own pharmaceutical systems, increasing the demand for pharmacy technicians.

What Would You Make: The median pay for pharmacy technicians in Nebraska is $13.57/hour or $28,230 annually.  Pay is usually commensurate with experience and full benefits are usually given.

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All statistics gathered from the Department of Labor.

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