Physical Therapist Assistant

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Physical Therapist Assistant

Demand for physical therapy assistants is expected to grow by 41% to meet the needs of an aging population and the rise in chronic ailments such as diabetes, carpal tunnel, and obesity. It is one of the highest paying and fastest growing Project HELP career paths!

What you would do: Physical therapy assistants are involved in direct care of the patient. They help the patient regain movement and manage pain through massage, exercise, balance training, and other physical therapeutic interventions.

Where you would work: Almost half of all physical therapy assistants work in care-facilities and offices that specialize in either physical or occupational therapy.

What you could earn: The median pay for physical therapy assistants in Nebraska is $23.80/hour or $49,510 annually.  Pay is usually commensurate with experience and full benefits are usually given.

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Want more information? Visit the Department of Labor for more information on job growth, payment, duties, and important skills and abilities.


All statistics gathered from the Department of Labor.

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