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  • Success Coaches who serve as an advocate and mentor to help eliminate personal and educational barriers to success.
  • Personal and Educational referrals within our communities for participants as needed.
  • Scholarship opportunities for short term trainings, including Nursing Assistant, Medication Aide, EMT Training, and Medical Interpreting.
  • Placement Testing through College Testing Centers to determine where the participant should start their education.
  • Utilization of Nebraska Career Connections Web Tool, which helps participants develop an educational and professional path based on their skills and interests.
  • Introduction to Health Science Training offered for students who aren’t sure “if” or “what type” of healthcare education they may be interested in.
  • Free Tutoring services for participants through Student Success Center at all Central Community College locations.
  • Basic Education and ESL tutoring through Adult Basic Ed.
  • Time management planners, datebooks, office and job search supply packs (including flash drives, pens, pencils, index cards, paper clips, resume paper, envelopes etc.) for participants who lack supplies for school and job search success.
  • Laptop access and check-out availability for studying, homework, accessing TANF materials, applications, language learning software, job search, etc. Laptop access and software for disability accommodations as well.
  • Job interview preparation and job opening information through Project HELP and the career services offices.
  • Partners and community service agencies that help with resources that Project HELP cannot fund – such as child care assistance, transportation assistance, etc.
  • Scrub and uniform allowance for participants in need.
  • Scholarship dollars for: work readiness, basic computer course classes, background check fees and CPR courses.
  • Fuel Vouchers for attending classes and job search workshops.
  • Job fairs and employer panels are offered at each CCC location for participants to make contact and be educated on what the best employment practices are with potential employers in the area.

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We help income-eligible students with support and training for high-demand jobs in healthcare.