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Project HELP assists individuals in achieving a better life through support, education, and training for high-demand jobs in healthcare.

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Life doesn’t slow down while you’re trying to get an education and improve your life. Project HELP is here for you! Whether you are working full time or raising a family, Project HELP specializes in removing barriers to your healthcare education and career. You have the ability, and we will give you the support you need to focus. You belong here.


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Between natural disasters across the state, family/school commitments and everyday needs, we understand that your resources may be stretched thin. Not sure where to turn if you and your family are in need of assistance? We have community resource guides available to assist you in finding the help you need, click here to view the guide for your area: TIP: within the resource guide, for most agencies just click on the phone number or website to be connected directly to them! #heretohelp

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Our success coaches will serve as your advocate and mentor, helping you eliminate barriers and find success in your career.

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