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Project HELP assists individuals in achieving a better life through support, education, and training for high-demand jobs in healthcare.

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Life doesn’t slow down while you’re trying to get an education and improve your life. Project HELP is here for you! Whether you are working full time or raising a family, Project HELP specializes in removing barriers to your healthcare education and career. You have the ability, and we will give you the support you need to focus. You belong here.


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#FactFriday: With so much happening in your life, sometimes #selfcare isn't a priority - but it should be! Here's some tips to #takecareofyou: 😷 remove guilt (think oxygen masks on planes) 🙃 find balance by staying engaged (even if just a short while) 😂 schedule fun time (just like you do for study time) 😴 sleep well, eat well 🥰 positive self-talk (you can do it!)

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