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August 15, 2016:  Second 5-week classes being (SCC)

August 16, 2016: Fall Registration (CCC)

August 21, 2016: Fall Orientation (NEC) First day classes begin (MPCC)

August 22, 2016: Semester Classes begin (CCC) (NEC)

August 27, 2016: SASA annual 5k and 1 mile walk in Crosier Park (CCC-Hastings)

September 2, 2016: Last Day for Free Drops/Exchange of Credits of Equal Value (CCC) (SCC)

September 5, 2016: Labor Day Break (CCC) (NEC)  (MPCC) (SEC)

Sept 21, 2016: Summer Term ends (SCC)

Sept 28, 2016: Last day to withdraw from first 8-week class session (NEC)

Oct 4, 2016: Fall term begins (SCC)

October 7, 2016: Student Enrichment Day (MPCC)

Oct 12, 2016: Last day to drop (SCC)

Oct 11, 2016: Trades and Industry Career Fair (SCC, 2016: Lincoln Campus) 10am-12pm

October 13, 2016: Last day to add classes (CCC)

October 14, 2016: First 8-week session ends (NEC) (MPCC)

Oct 13-18, 2016: fall break (CCC)

October 17, 2016: Second session 8 week classes begin (MPCC)

October 17-18, 2016: Fall Break (NEC)

Oct 19, 2016: Second session 8-week classes begin (NEC) / Career Fair Agriculture & Management Technology (SCC Beatrice Campus) 9am-1130am

Oct 25, 2016: Career Fair Criminal Justice 10am-1130am (SEC Lincoln Campus)

October 28, 2016: Last day to apply for degree/diploma/certificate (CCC)

November 2, 2016: Career Fair Food Service/Hospitality (SEC, 2016: Lincoln Campus) 12pm-1:30pm

November 14, 2016: Registration for Spring begins (NEC)

November 15, 2016: Last Day to withdraw from classes (CCC)

November 16, 2016: Registration for Spring 2017 begins (CCC)

November 22, 2016: Last day to withdraw from class (NEC)

November 23-27, 2016: Thanksgiving Break (CCC) (NEC) (MPCC)

November 28, 2016: Last day to drop 10 week fall classes (SEC)

December 12-15, 2016: Final Exams (MPCC)

December 14-15, 2016: Final Exams (NEC)

December 16, 2016: Classes End (CCC) Fall Term Ends (SEC)

Dec 19, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017: Student break (CCC)

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It would have been a financial burden to pursue my nursing degree if not for the Project Help scholarship I received. Between my savings and the scholarship, I paid for my education before the semester started and didn’t have to worry about making payments.
- Vanessa Escandon